A Personal Letter from EOL Doula, Gloria

Hello, When you hire me as an EOL doula for yourself or a loved one, what do I have to offer?

A fair question.

First and most importantly, I will develop a personal connection with your loved one and his/her family. My services will not center around the disease; instead my services will focus on the substance and personhood of my client. Who is he/she? Who have they loved? When have they hurt? Are they at peace?

I will reach out to you or your loved one to support him/her articulate in some form the legacy they want to leave. Legacy work is very helpful to all involved and offers great comfort to those who will remain.

I will teach your loved one ways to find calm and peace through meditation and/or prayer.

I will give my full respect to your loved one’s belief system, cultural and family traditions, and religious/spiritual beliefs.

I will honor and help calm any fears, stressors, regrets or worries your loved one may be carrying.

I will sit vigil when the time comes and if you so choose.

I will support you in the early days of the grieving who are left behind.

I will help ease the family’s worries and stress by doing things such as running needed errands, listening quietly to each of you, helping ease your fears by serving you.

The definition of “doula” is “servant”. I will serve your loved one and his/her family from my heart with the goal of supporting your loved one and you to transform this journey awaiting all of us from earthly life to ….

Doula work does not forestall or hasten life’s final moments. Instead, doula work provides the opportunity for a smoother journey for all involved.

I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready.

– Gloria

As a certified end-of-life doula, I provide three primary services:

  • Advance Directives
  • End-of-Life Doula Service
  • End-of-Life Community Educator

Please see the summaries of each service area below and feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Advance Directives

“We need to start treating death as part of our legacy and not the end of it.” Author Unknown

Advance Directive Services

We live in a death-avoidant culture. We don’t want to think about our mortality. Comedians make us laugh about it. We joke about it.

We deny it. Other people die. We don’t. Can we even imagine that time? I can’t.

But the reality is, we are all going to die, and taking care of the business of dying liberates us to live every day, appreciating all that there is to relish in life.

Many of us have a will and perhaps even a health care directive, but those documents do not give direction for a time that you cannot speak for yourself. They do not inform your family or the medical community what you do and do not want done if you can no longer speak for yourself.

For those answers, you need an Advance Directive.

  • Who will speak for you if you can no longer speak for yourself?
  • Have you chosen a health care proxy/agent to speak for you?
  • Does your chosen proxy/agent understand and accept the responsibility?

Your will or power of attorney addresses financial issues; they do NOT address your wishes if/when you can no longer speak for yourself. An Advance Directive does.

An Advance Directive is LEGALLY binding.

Creating this simple document allows you to retain reasonable control when the time comes that have no control. More importantly, this document frees your family from “wondering” what YOU want done. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a gift to those who love you.

An Advance Directive is your opportunity to legally provide direction that reflects YOUR values, YOUR wishes, and YOUR desires.

If you are ready to discuss these important matters for yourself, please contact me. We will make arrangements to talk this through objectively and reflectively.

I love this TedX talk and think it provides important context:

I would be honored to sit with you and your proxy/agent to develop your Advance Directive. This will involve a long and important conversation during which time we will develop a document that unambiguously expresses your beliefs, values and desires.

Choose your agent/proxy carefully. This person is committing to honor your wishes, and will have the legal authority to stand in your stead if controversy about your decisions arises. Even if your chosen agent/proxy does not agree with you, he or she is committing to honor your wishes.

Pricing for Advance Directive Services

The first session will take 2 hours with a possible need for additional time.

I have struggled with a fee structure. I want to be fair to both of us. I also want to be affordable because I am COMMITTED to the importance of this document in your life.

  • Initial Session (2 hours): $125
  • Subsequent Session(s): $50/hour

*Your chosen agent/proxy MUST be present.

**An Advance Directive is an organic document to be reviewed throughout your life. It is a document that you have the power to change as your circumstances or decisions change.

I look forward to hearing from you.


End-of-Life Doula

Supporting Your Loved One, Family, and Caregivers as They Navigate the Dying Process

What is an End of Life Doula?

As a trained and certified end-of-life doula, I will be with your loved one and family in a non-medical capacity from diagnosis to death.

Having said that, I work closely with the loved ones and caregivers determining exactly what services are desired and appropriate. I am there to support YOU. It is important to add that I work collaboratively with Hospice, when they are involved. We share the same goals and work together for the good of all.

The medical, emotional and spiritual journey from sickness to death has many twists, turns and pressures. Assisting the client in dying on his/her own terms and re-gaining control over a life passage for which there is little control is the doula’s purpose. Total confidentiality is our guideline.

The EOL doula offers a variety of skills:

  • Helps the client work through any fears/anxieties;
  • Honors and holds sacred space for the client to be and feel authentically;
  • Leads guided imagery, visualizations, and breathing exercises, when appropriate;
  • Assists with legacy and completion work, as well as advance directives, if appropriate;
  • Conducts life review sessions, if requested;
  • Provides resource referrals;
  • Coordinates care with all involved agencies, if needed;
  • Plans and sits vigil with the family

These are the services that I will proudly and passionately provide for you and your family.

Pricing for End-of-Life Doula Services

My fee is an Honorarium from you of ANY amount. If your loved one’s location is farther from my residence than a 30-mile round trip, a transportation fee (paid separately from the Honorarium for tax purposes) will be charged. I look forward to hearing from you.

Speaking to Your Organization

“Warmth, warmth, more warmth! For we are dying of cold, not darkness. It is not the night that kills, but the frost.” - Miguel de Unamuno

Gloria Reading Speaking

Even though we are all going to die, dying or death are not a typical topics for a speaker at a civic, community or religious organization.  However these are appropriate topics because they potentially involve all of us.

Strangely enough, this talk need NOT be depressing or disturbing but LIFE-AFFIRMING.  My intention is that attendees leave the event with a better understanding of the “business” of “preparing for” their end of life, then go forward empowered to live every day appreciating this wonderful gift called LIFE.

Following are the topics available.  Although the topics overlap, the main focus will be the topic you choose:

  • End-of-Life Doula:  What does an end-of-life doula do?  Why would my family benefit?  Are you the same as Hospice?
  • Advanced Care Directives:  What is it and why do I need one?  How do I create one?  Is it expensive?
  • Grief – Is there more than one kind of grief?  What is it?  Can it ever really heal?  How do you manage it?

If you are interested in scheduling me to speak at your organization or church, please use the contact form or call me at 618-806-6116.

Speaking Fees

I would be thrilled to speak to your organization on any of these topics.   My fee is an Honorarium from you of ANY amount.  If your meeting location is farther from my residence than a 50-mile round trip, a transportation fee (paid separately from the Honorarium for tax purposes) will be charged.  Mileage will be figured through Mapquest.  I look forward to hearing from you.